What to expect during the consultation?

What is nutritional therapy and how can it help me?
Nutritional therapy uses personalised dietary and lifestyle plans and in some cases, functional testing or nutritional supplements to help support the health of all of the major systems in the body. Lola uses the principles of functional medicine in her practice, which addresses the underlying causes of disease as opposed to just the symptoms. Functional medicine is at the forefront of nutrition research and uses a range of clinical tools to support the journey to wellness.

What can I expect in a consultation?
Prior to the consultation you will be sent a 3-day food/symptom diary and questionnaire to complete and send back to Lola ahead of your consultation. The initial consultation would entail an in-depth note taking session, looking at your health history, lifestyle and diet as well as discussing your key health goals. Your case would then be researched and a tailor made food and lifestyle (e.g. stressors/body movement/environment) plan prepared. The findings of the research and the plan would be explained to you in your second consultation. Supplements and laboratory testing (e.g. stool analysis/blood tests) may be recommended at a separate cost.

How many sessions will I need?
Patient health status, goals and response to treatment are all unique. This means that your progress and results will be individual to you. However, as a minimum, Lola would see a new patient twice – an initial consultation to gather information, followed by a second consultation, one week later, to run through your personalised plan and get you started.

If you would like to book a consultation please email    lola@lolaross.com