Nutritional Therapy Services

What to expect in a consultation?
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Nutrition Guidance 30 mins - £50
The nutrition guidance session is a space to get more general nutrition advice from a qualified practitioner. This can also been used as a taster session to see if moving onto a full personalised nutritional therapy programme is right for you. No personalised report is provided after this session.

New Patient Package - £180
This includes two separate consultations 1-2 weeks apart and a personalised food and lifestyle plan:

Consultation 1 – 1hour
During the consultation a detailed health history, identification of your health goals, along with other information will be gathered. A personalised food and lifestyle plan will be designed for you, based on findings from your case. This will be prepared for your second visit.

Consultation 2 – 30 mins
During the consultation you will be explained the findings and what the next steps are for getting started on your plan. If relevant, organisation of any functional tests* or supplements will be made and you will also receive a copy of your personalised plan.

DNA Testing for Precision Nutrition + Lifestyle Plans

Comprehensive DNA Panel £395

Comprehensive DNA Panel with Coeliac + Gluten Sensitivity £445

Weight + Wellness DNA Panel £345

DNA Skin Health Panel £345

Follow up appointments 30 minutes - £80
All consultations following the new patient package. 

*All functional testing and supplements are charged to you as a separate cost